HOPE project

hope is A Better SOLUTION



When nothing comes in your way, there’s hope that something will come in your way later.

When pressure seems so great to bear, there’s hope that you will catch a breath of relief later. 

When time is running out for you to complete the task, there’s hope that you can resolve the problem in time.

When freedom seems to be taken away from you, there’s hope that you will be freed one day.

When you are stranded in trouble water and helpless, there’s hope that help is just there for you before you realize it.

When you are depressed so much that it seems you have lost all your strength, there’s hope that you will just wake up strong to break out tomorrow.

Therefore, Hope is the better solution! 


My Hope Moments of Hope



what’s hope?


Hope is:











Hope Essentials

“serious pessimism chops the amazing hope”


what can we do for hope?

We give hope time to develop.

We see possibilities in our hope.

We are confident that we have hope always.

Hope is to maintain positive even in trouble times.

We are optimistic in our belief of hope.

We believe in hope with passion.

We need to stay strong for hope.