The Life saving hope

Hope saves life, at least it saved mine. When I confronted the suffocating depression, the thinking of having hope has actually lifted me out of despair and helped me live on.
Hope tells me to firmly stand on my own belief of righteousness from the heart. Hope tells me to believe in reasoning even though legitimate reasons are being suppressed. Hope tells me to take time finding good things from the bad, thinking of the good things from the bad, making good things from the bad.


hunting for hope

When hunting for hope, I understand it will take time and I need to have patience. I will listen, I am not greedy, and I will be alert and smart about everything. I will have passion for things I believe in. I will stay calm and clear amongst chaos. I will dissolve frustration through finding pleasant feelings. For there’s tomorrow, there’s hope, and there’s always tomorrow. 
I know I am well educated, I believe in possibility, believe in truth, believe in fact. I will apply my knowledge to understand as solutions to problems. I will think of the good things I already have when met with bad occurrences. 


How hope changes me for good!

I would return to values, fall back on human goodness, start over with core values.
I am always trying. I don’t give up. I would stay strong. I know help will come along. I enjoy life.